AR Sinai Thunder Selah 4*M 2*DAR VVEE88

DOB: 3/8/14     (Quint)         Height: 18 1/2"
Sire: +*B AOF Mardi's Nabucco +S      Dam: SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M *DAR EEEE91

4.6# Milk Test High (DHIR in progress)

Selah is one of our cherished daughters of Ally. She's as sweet as her sisters and just as capacious. The Appraiser seemed to really like her---giving her an 88 as a First Freshener---which, we were thrilled with her score. Like her dam, Selah earned an E for Rump and a 35 for Rump Width. Pretty impressive for a doe of her size and something we feel this industry needs.
If you'll look at the picture directly below, you can see what a great (and LOUD) mama she is---bc she pretty much screamed the entire day of her 1st Milk Test. She also milk 4.6# that day, and ended up almost making the 1000# club as a FF w 938#. 

Selah pedigree 2017.jpg