SG Little Tots Estate ST Kowkab *M *DAR (“Star”)


DOB: 2/28/11 Height: 20 3/4”

Sire: Rosasharn HR Chewbacca +*B +*S (Rosasharn TF Honey Bear +B +*S x ARMCH Rosasharn's TL Arwen 2*M 2*M VEEE90)

Dam: Little Tots Estate Foeniculum (PGCH/MCH/CH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga ++*B ++*S x CH Son Rise Ranch Hypericum)

Star at creek.jpg

Kowkab means Star in Hebrew and is named after one of my beautiful GRANDdaughers. Star and Beam were our two first goats and lived in the Laundry Room for a couple of months until we finished fixing up our barn. We pretty much fell in love—-and went back to Rusty & Lucy’s to build our herd. That original Fab Four ended up being some of our very best does. While Star’s production for her 305 was 1050#—-she has out-shone herself as a Brood-doe. Star’s 4 daughters have excelled in production. Of those on Test, all have earned their AR status. Three have PE Indexes ranging from 86-99%— Two have been awarded ADGA Elite, ranking in the highest percentile possible. Comet milked 1250

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Arwen .jpg
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