Sinai Thunder AD Primrose Eve 2*M 2*D VVEE87, 88.9VG

DOB: 5/1/15 (Triplet)   Height: 22"

Sire: +*B Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei +*S 89.2

Dam: AR CapraKoza SG Guns n' Roses *M *DAR VEEE90, AGS Nat'l Top 10 Milker (305 & 1Day) multiple categories & years. Dam of Nat'l Top 10 (305 & 1Day) daughter. 

4.4# Milk Test High (FF)

We are so excited about Eve---unfortunately this photo doesn't come close to doing her justice. When we had her classified Spring 2017, her scores were just wonderful---esp in the areas important to our program. She scored in the 90's for Style, Angularity, Dairyness, Mammary System, and (clearly) in her barrel & depth. Her dam, Rose, is one of our favorite does, both on personality & style, as well as milkability & udder. Eve seems to be following in her dam's footsteps. She is over 500# with just under half of her test yet to go. We're really looking forward to rebreeding Eve to Oliver for Spring 2018, as her FF litter were twin bucks (now wethers---Waylon & Willie).

Eve Milk Records.jpg
Eve Pedigree.jpg
Eve Kidding.jpg