AR CapraKoza LLSurprised by Joy 7*M 7*DAR EEEE91                                    

     7-10-18 PM Milk Test (11 hour fill)                         

     7-10-18 PM Milk Test (11 hour fill)                         

DOB:     5/21/12 (Twins)   Height: 21 1/2"
Sire:     CapraKoza BT Lapis Lazuli *S *B
Dam:     Rosasharn SP Jump For Joy 6*M 6*D

1x JrGCH (Michiana Show, 21 in class)

2017 AGS National Top 10: 305 & 1Day, ANDDA JuJu Award Gold

6# Milk Test High,   Milked 1220# in 305 Days

When raising animals, its a roller coaster of emotions. We were so sad that are dear friends, the Rudolphs were selling their Capra Koza herd, but we were also very humbled & blessed that they entrusted their beautiful girls with us. A gorgeous part of that package is this sweet doe. We have her half-sister (Silent Night--who has been AGS Breed Leader for National Top 10 1Day), so we knew Suprise's genetic potential. But, we didn't expect how truly beautiful and sweet she is. 

Surprise has turned into a dairy powerhouse...milking 4.2# on her first test as a FF, then 5.5# as a 2nd F. She topped the 1000# mark her first lactation and being awarded AGS Top 10 for 305. Then as a 2nd F,  Surprise finished her 305 milking 1220#, giving her Top 10 in AGS, both in 1Day & 305. You may note that Surprise was an older FF, and her LA score was the highest possible for FFs, an EEEE89. The appraiser was stunned that she was a FF, and said, "That's such a shame, because she would be your EEEE92 doe." Did I mention roller coaster of emotions?!?! This summer (2018), Surprise's 1st Test, she milked 6# and we finally get to LA this lovely doe again---so I'm super excited as she scored EEEE91. (Thank You, Lord!!!) 
Her daughter (a FF), by Oliver, is O Maple Joy 8*M 8*D is continuing in her dam's footsteps---milking 5# in each of her 3 first tests, and now over half way, (day 170), she has milked just over 800#. We're super excited about this mama & daughter. And, are so very blessed to look forward to Countess & Everlasting Joy. 

                       (Photo courtesy of CapraKoza Farm)

                       (Photo courtesy of CapraKoza Farm)

Surprise Milk.jpg

Photos (L-R) Top Row: Surprise , Paternal GDam: GCH Flat Rocks Vdoo *M *D (both photos credit CaprKoza), Dam: Rosasharn SP Jump for Joy 6*M 6*D (photo credit Sycamore Springs) Gdam: Almond Joy & her litter sister ARMCH Rosasharn KitKat 5*M 5*D, Ggdam's: Tom's Bit-O-Honey & Unagi GGgdam: Buckwheat Honey (all 5 photos credit Rosasharn Farm)

Surprise Kidding.jpg