SG Helmstead Minis GB War Emblem 2*M *D VEEE90 (FF)

photo taken 6/10/19 (11 hour fill)

photo taken 6/10/19 (11 hour fill)


DOB: 1/27/14  (Twin)           Height: 19 1/2"

Sire: SG Rosasharn MR General B +*B +*S +DS, VVE89 

Dam: Pecan Hollow PS Shatase 1*M 2x GCH Sr Doe, Best Udder, Best of Breed. Dam of MCH/CH Pecan Hollow SF Rain Dance (2x GCH Sr Doe, 1x GCH Jr,3x Best of Breed, 3x Best Udder)

Milk Test High: 7# (as FF)   1447# for her 305 (FF)         

Emblem is one of the sweetest, most fun, and slightly quirky does in our barn--in a good way. We are thrilled and so very blessed that Kate Helms loved us enough to give us the opportunity to have Emblem and her sister MaidAtArms. Both are fabulous does and wonderful milkers. As you can see, Emblem is most capacious. She pretty much will do anything for animal crackers---and finished her 305 test with a whopping 1447# !!!. Due to circumstances totally out of our control, Emblem was bred later in her 3rd year. So, she obviously was an older FF. 

Looking at Emblem & Maiden's pedigree--you should note that its full of both Dairy & Show accomplishments, as well as excellent Linear Appraisals/Classification. While impressive, there still may appear to be a few gaps or "unknowns"---at least on paper. A dear friend of mine once said that buyers should share with the seller what they're looking for, rather than insisting they (the buyer) want this or that specific goat. She's absolutely correct, bc often times there are things the breeder knows that's not available as public knowledge  (official scores, records, etc).

A good example would be this doe and her sister, Maiden. While their sire/dam lines are FULL of show (and dairy) excellence---at the National level---their dam isn't able to ultimately prove out her Show & Dairy potential. In spite of producing a gorgeous doe whose a Finished CH, these are the only Shatase daughters born on Kate's farm. Confident that was finally the year for Shatase--with her kidding just in time for show season and being one leg away from being Finished (as well as finally able to go on Test). When the girls were 10 days old, Kate went to the barn and discovered Shatase had passed sometime in the early morning, with her 2 daughters laying by her side---a brain aneurysm---with the hay still in her mouth. I cannot imagine how horrible that was for Kate---not just the loss of a precious life, but also sitting at the very threshold of hopeful success. 
Thus, there's no "record" to allow folks to have a true understanding of her true potential---at least we can provide the opportunity of  DHI Testing and LA/Classification for Shatase's girls. Its been exciting (but not surprising) that both daughters have excelled. As FF's Emblem has stunned us all with her milk production---her high this year was 7#. Her sister, Maiden--finished her DHI topping 1000# (w 4# being her high) and was Classified w 89.4 with scores ranging from 90-92.5 for Mammary, 90-93 for Dairyness, Style, & Strength. Those scores and Milk Test records---seem to indicate that both the girls are representing their pedigree with excellence. And we are most blessed and very excited to have both in our herd.  

Photos below (L-R), 1st three are Maiden (litter sister) on Classification Day. 4th pic is 2x GCH Shatase (cream doe, milked out for BOB). 5th is Shatase's daughter: GCH Pecan Hollow Rain Dance. 6th pic is Shatase's paternal Gdam: MCH/CH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia *4D 'E', 2002 AGS National CH doe, Best Udder, & Best Doe in Show (photos courtesy of: 3rd & 4th: Helmstead Minis, & 5th: Harlequin Farm, 6th: Twin Creeks)

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