SG Sinai Thunder O Psalms 91 5*M 3*DAR  

DOB: 3/29/16 (Triplet) Height: 21 1/4”

Photo taken before Linear Appraisal 7/18/18

Photo taken before Linear Appraisal 7/18/18

Sire: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S VEV88 ADGA Elite Buck 96%PE (as a Freshman Sire) Sire of 5 ADGA Elite, 7 Superior Genetics, & 7 daughters who milked 1000#+ as FF's. Oliver's dam is SGCH Isabella EEEE91, ADGA Elite, Breed Leader, 1400# Milker and 2 SG, Elite progeny

Dam: Sinai Thunder Selah 4*M 2*DAR VVEE88 (FF)  Top 10 Milker, 4.6# MilkTest High, 940# in 305 Days (FF), Dam of 2 SG Daughters

When Psalty and her sister (Hosanna) were born, we knew we would have a tough time trying to pick which one to retain. Even though they’re different in styles (how is that always the case??), both were beautiful (from the beginning). After a LOT of deliberation, we came to no conclusion, other than to retain the two of them. Which, I’m thrilled we did—-bc both earned their Superior Genetics before either of them finished their first lactation. We feel like the Lord gave us a MIRACLE when Psalty tried to deliver a 6# single (buck), who ended up DOA. It took 5 of us to pull the baby and we were amazed (blessed beyond words) that Psalty lived. She’s the doe who reminds us so much of her Gdam, Allamanda. While Hosanna went on to be amazing in her production (1180#), Psalty’s production was also great (all things considered). All of which was a testimony of their personalities, the GRACE of God, and their dairy genetics. We ended up selling their dam (since we kept both daughters) to Jessica Mather, who has become a dear friend. Selah was LA’d as a FF with the great score of VVEE88…milking 940# and her high 4.6#. Selah’s dam is one of our all time favorites, SG LTE Allamanda EEEE91, Top 10 in both registries, multiple categories, several years.
As mentioned, I had a difficult time understanding (or agreeing with) the majority of our 2018 LA session, but was blessed that Psalty was (deservedly) given the coveted E for Rump (as did Hosannah, Selah, & Allamanda) and also an E for Udder Texture. Because we want to give this sweet doe a full year off to totally heal, we didn’t breed her for Spring—-and she will unfortunately miss the 2019 LA.

(L-R) Psalty as a yearling, 2nd pic is during Linear Appraisal 7/18/18

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