SG Sinai Thunder AG Salvation 4*M 2*DAR +VVE86

DOB: 10-26-12 (Quad)     Height: 19 1/2"
Sire: ++*B Olson Acres RC Augustine ++*S AR/HS 2xGCH, 1x BIS

Dam: SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M 1*DAR EEEE91 ADGA, AGA National Top 10 305 & 1Day Test

As a FF:  4.2# High on 1st Test Day
Milked 1010# in 305 Days, 92% Production Ranking ADGA
2014 ANDDA JuJu Silver Award (65#)

As 2nd F: 4.4# High, 1021# for 305 Days, earned Superior Genetics, and 2016 ANDDA JuJu GOLD Award (72#)

Everyone here LOVES Sally. She's probably one of the sweetest does we have. And, truly a favorite to milk, just like her mama. Sally's udder is high, wide with a lovely Fore and great milkable teats (important to us, since we hand milk). She's a wonderful mama and milked over 1000# again---just with twins, who were born on Easter Day. Her daughter by Oliver (Resurrection) is really pretty and we're excited to see how she kids in the Fall. Sally is the 4th Augustine daughter to earn Superior Genetics and his sixth (of ten) to milk over 1000#. Combined with Allamanda's pedigree, LA scores, & milking accomplishments, we are beyond blessed to have such a wonderful doe. 

pictures below: L-R: 2 pix of Sally (2016), her sister Selah VVEE88 (2016), and their dam Allamanda EEEE91 (2016)

Below: L-R---the 2 left pix Sally---2016 udder, the 2 pix on right are Selah (FF) 2016 (Sally's half sister).

Sally's milk Record 2017.jpg

                                 Sally's Progeny: Sinai Thunder BOL Soteria (2015), O Resurrection (2016)

Sally & Glory Pedigree 2017.jpg
sally's kidding 2017.jpg