Sinai Thunder O Celestial Shores 

Celeste MT.jpeg

DOB: 3/6/17   (Quad)        Height:

Sire: SG Cedar ViewOlivero +*B +S VEV88 ADGA Elite Buck (CedarView Josephus +B +S 2x GCH x SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91, ADGA Elite Doe (99% PE), ANDDA Total Performer Doe, 2015 Platinum Doe)

Dam: Sinai Thunder Breath of Heaven 2*M 2*DAR Ex93.2 (CapraKoza TR Tevye +*B +*S x SG CornerStone Farm MM Charity 1*M *DAR EEEV90, ADGA Elite, Grand Champion (3x), Best In Show, ADGA/AGS National Top 10 305 (1130#) & AGS 1 Day Milk Test Awards (all 4 categories), ANDDA JuJu GOLD & GRAND Award)

3.4# Milk Test high as FF, 9.8% BF at day 148. PE 80%

I absolutely love this doe. And, not just for the obvious reason—-being from Charity’s line. One of the coolest things about breeding goats (over the long haul), is you become familiar with the different pedigrees, styles, udders, growth/maturation rates, etc. Besides the fact Celeste is an Oliver daughter, she is also a Tevye Granddaughter. A buck we were able to breed for a few short seasons. The udders he puts on his daughters aren’t the most capacious their first freshening, but they are super nice and socked right on. Tev’s dam, Susie was one of my favorite does to milk. Her udder was just one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Tevye’s daughters get better each freshening—-especially Heaven (Celeste’s dam). Her udder has perfect laterals, medial, teat placement, texture and capacity. She score a 93.2 in her AGS Classification under Tim Flickenger, a very respected judge and was one of the judges for ADGA Nationals in 2014. Heaven milked a respectable 840# as a FF, and then both her 2nd and 3rd Freshening, she milked over 1200#.
Celeste’s udder is the carbon copy of her dam’s. At the midway point of her 305 Day test, Celeste is right at 440#, following in the same path as her dam. As you can see, she’s also very feminine, long, lots of strength, and certainly has a bit of flash to her.

Celeste Pedigree.jpg