Sinai Thunder Zion's Beryl Star 3*M 3*D VVEE87

Beryl Star.jpeg

DOB: 6-8-14 (Triplet)     Height:

Sire: Sinai Thunder T Zion's Victory *B *S

Dam: AR CapraKoza BT Ruby Tuesday 2*M 2*DAR VEEA, AGS Nat'l Top 10 1Day Test Awards

I absolutely love this doe, and you can surely see why. Her sire is a buck we bred whose about one of the sweetest boys we've had here. A gorgeous, well balanced buck who the AGS Classifier kept saying how he was super impressed. Beryl's dam is a Charity daughter and who the ADGA Appraiser went on and on about how Ruby (in spite of her LA Score) would be the BEST brood-doe if we found a buck who could raise her rear udder. Clearly, the Lord has blessed us with such a boy, as you can see Beryl's LA score a FF!!!!!! Its icing on the cake that his doe got her milk stars on her very first test!!!
Beryl is a dream to milk---well attached, long teats, and wonderfully high rear udder.  Her daughter (by Oliver) is gorgeous and we're really blessed to have another Charity granddaughter carry on her Dairy and Conformation excellence. 

First Milk Test----

First Milk Test----