Sinai Thunder O Tizrah 2*M 2*DAR


DOB: 3-5-16 (Triplet)       Height: 21 1/2"

Sire: Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S

Dam: Little Tots Estate ST Calista *M *DAR

AGS Nat'l Top 10 1Day: 3rd in Production (6.2#), 10th in ButterFat (8.9%)--as a FF.

(7/13/18) The 305 Day test--at 271 Days : 1330#, 88# BF

Tizzy has been one of our favorite does since the day she was born. She was the cutest little black doeling---then when she turned about 3 months, she was covered in moonspots!!! I'm not one to care one way, or the other. But it was like she changed overnight. Its been fun to see her mature.

I've always loved Tizzy's dam, Calista---and unfortunately, she was never LA'd when she was at her peak. Like anyone who has animals, you know the potential that's there. Even still, I had no idea that Tizzy was going to turn out to be a milking phenomenon.  

The neat story about Tizzy is she actually shouldn't even be here. I had made up my mind to breed Calista to Belli. Within minutes I had her in hand and we walked right by Belli (much to his dismay) and I put her right in the stall w the young Oliver (much to his delight). We still talk about how sweet the two were together. They both literally fell in love, rubbing their heads together, then bodies. Then...

It was about 5 min later, I realized my oops. And didn't have the heart to break up the love-birds!!! I love how the Lord has other plans. :)

tizrah side udder.jpg
 As of 7-13-18, Tizzy's production is 1330# with 34 days left on test. 

As of 7-13-18, Tizzy's production is 1330# with 34 days left on test. 

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