Sinai Thunder O Dauntless *B *S VEE88


DOB: 2/7/18 (Triplet) Height: 22 3/4”

Sire: Sire: SG Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S VEV88 ADGA Elite Buck 96%PE (as a Freshman Sire) Sire of 5 ADGA Elite, 7 Superior Genetics, & 7 daughters who milked 1000#+ as FF's. Oliver's dam is SGCH Isabella EEEE91, ADGA Elite, Breed Leader, 1400# Milker and 2 SG, Elite progeny

AR Helmstead Minis GB Virtue 3*M 3*DAR EEEE92, E90.2, (SG Rosasharn MR General +*B +*S x SG Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M 2*DAR, VEEV89, AGS, ADGA BREED Leader ((6x including Record Holder— for Overall Score), Virtue is National Top 10, 6.2# Milk Test High (8.2% BF), 1250# for 305 Day

In April 2019, we had our AGS Classification. Virtue’s score (90.2 Ex), with a 90% in General Appearance, a 92.5% for Front End Assembly and a 90% for Rump (the Triple Crown for overall conformation). We have very few does that score E’s in both. She also scored 90’s in Front/Rear Legs and Feet. Her Mammary System (which, the pictures don’t do her justice) was 91.2%, with 90’s in each category, except for Rear Udder—-which is something we are working hard to improve. Virtue’s Rear Udder score was 92.8%!
Then the icing on the cake—-3 months later (July), Eric gave Virtue an EEEE92 for Linear Appraisal. Her dam, Patience scored VEEE90 (in spite of being coded for a stale udder), and Dauntless (Virtue’s 2018 buck) was a VEE88.
Being part of the Charity line, now you can see why we are so very blessed to have Virtue as a part of our herd.

On Virtue's first Milk Test in her 2018 lactation, she milked 6.2# with 8.2% BF and if I can get her website updated, she milked 1250# her 2018 lactation. Her PE% is continually rising, so our hopes that she will make her Superior Genetics.

Virtue’s dam—-Patience has made BREED LEADER six times now. Both in AGS & ADGA, and it appears 2019 might be her year again, as she finished her 305 with 116# for ButterFat (1280# Production). Patience is a daughter of one of our favorite (& Foundation) Does, SG Charity--ADGA Elite, 3x GCH, 1x BIS, Top 10 AGS & ADGA multiple years, multiple categories. Her litter sister is also SG, 1000#+ milker, Top 10,  and their 1/2 sister (Heaven) recently classified w 93.2E, one of the top scores for a Nigerian in the country with 1130# for her 305 . 

Virtue's sire is a buck that has the (very) coveted reputation for being an Udder Buck. We are blessed to have several daughters and EACH have amazing high, wide, well attached udders. Not only is he an SG buck, but also a +*S +*B, whose daughters are SG, SGCH, and/or LA's90 and above. Both his sons & daughters have produced Top 10 in ADGA & AGS, (including Breed Leaders in both registries), SG's & SGCH's with multiple Best Udder wins.

The sire of Dauntless is SG CEDAR VIEW OLIVER +*B +*S  VEV88, 2018-2019 ADGA ELITE BUCK (96% PE). Oliver's daughters (who were First Fresheners in 2018) have been nothing short of spectacular. Five have earned ADGA Elite Does ranging from 99%-95% PE and nine were awarded Superior Genetics (SG) which is the Top 15%. Their first test weights have ranged from 4#-6.2#. One (Tizrah, Elite Doe) has already earned AGS & ADGA Top 10. Oliver’s daughters have milked in the 1000-1450# range.