AR Little Tots Estate ST Calista *M *DAR VEEV88

DOB :  4/30/11 Twin         Height: 21"
Sire :  CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino +B +S EEE91
Dam :  Little Tots Estate Mimulus

Jr Rsv GCH Doe AGS, ADGA, & ANDDA Specialty Doe         2013 2014 Sue Rucker Silver JuJu Award

Calista is named after my daughter in Heaven and still catches my eye every time I see her in the pasture. She's a perfect blend of being refined and dairy, while being wonderfully deep. The night before 2014 Appraisal Calista incurred an injury which prevented being scored and in 2015, she was no longer in milk. However, if you look at her pedigree you will note that both her sire (a Finished Champion in all 3 registries, a +S+Band an EEE91) and her dam line both have excellent show records and/or appraisal scores. Throughout her entire pedigree, there areNational Champions or producers thereof.

                    (Picture taken July 2015---no longer on Test)

                    (Picture taken July 2015---no longer on Test)

What I'm excited about is, besides being beautiful,  Calista is carving her own niche in the National Milking Awards as well. She was AGS Top 10 in 2 categories for 2013 and a Silver JuJu Award winner for 2013 & 2014. Which, when Calista kidded triplets, she milked 4# on her first test, easily surpassing her production from 2013. In the latter part of her lactation, she had a whopping 9.9% BF & 7.3% Protein...which, if I had done a 1Day Test on her, she would've been BREED Leader in Protein and possibly BF. Calista is not only a sweetheart on the milk stand (a big plus), she has long teats, great orifices, all in all, wonderful milkability--(a bigger plus). She's a great mom and all her kids are not only stunning, but super friendly. To me, she's the total package.  Pictured below are shots of Calista's 2nd Freshening udder (12 hr fill), Rsv Jr Champion, and 2014 Milk Test Day (2nd Freshening)      

July 2015---Pictured below are Sarayu and Elouisa 2014 doelings by Sinai Thunder Majestic Delight *S *B

Top row (L-R): Calista's sire CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino +S ++B EEE91, his dam: SG 5Alarm Sophia Loren *D, Valentino daughter: CH Buffalo Clover Vieux Carve VEEE90, Sophia daughter: PGCH/GCH Buffalo Clover Chianti 1*M VEEE90. (pictures 1-4, courtesy of Buffalo Clover) Bottom row: Calista's dam Little Tots Estate Mimulus (1x GCH), her daughter LTE Kalanchoe VVVE88 (1xGCH), her daughter CH Little Tots Estate Zamia VEEE91, 2011 NDGA National Champion Jr Doe, Paternal Gdam, PGCH Woodhaven Farm Cowgirl 1*M (6x GCH, 9x Best Udder) (pictures 5-8 courtesy of Little Tots Estate. Zamia now owned by One Fine Acre Farm)