Helmstead Minis GB Virtue 3*M 3*D *DD VEVE89

DOB: 8/6/13 (single)   height:20"

Sire: SG +*B Rosasharn MR General +*S, +DAR VVE89

Dam: SG Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M 2*DAR VEEV89 2x JrGCH, AGS Nat'l Top 10 Doe, 6.8# AGS Breed Leader & Record Holder for Overall Score

I saw this pretty girl at a show when she was a baby. Her dam, Patience, had gone to Kate's farm for a little over a year. When I asked (begged) for Patience back, Kate was more than gracious bc she had Virtue to keep.

Patience is a daughter of one of our favorite (& Foundation) Does, SG Charity--ADGA Elite, 3x GCH, 1x BIS, Top 10 AGS & ADGA multiple years, multiple categories. Patience's litter sister is also SG, 1000#+ milker, Top 10,  and their 1/2 sister Heaven recently classified w 93.2E, one of the top scores for a Nigerian in the country. 

Virtue's sire is a buck that Kate had waited (and waited) for--a long time. His first two kids born at Helmstead were Virtue & Melee--both of whom are now here (along with Maiden & Emblem). Tragically, General passed away within a year---a horrible kick-in-the-gut for Kate, as well as the industry as a whole. Understandably we are thrilled (and VERY grateful) to have a few General daughters as he is not only an SG buck, but also a +*S +*B, whose daughters are SG, SGCH, and/or LA's90 and above. Both his sons & daughters have produced Top 10 in ADGA & AGS, (including Breed Leaders in both registries), SG's & SGCH's with multiple Best Udder wins.

On Virtue's first Milk Test in her 2018 lactation, she milked 6.2# with 8.2% BF and if I can get her website updated, she milked 1250# her 2018 lactation. Her PE% is continually rising, so our hopes that she will make her Superior Genetics.

Photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis

Photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis

Pix below L-R: 1st two are milk test day 2018, last two are first litter born at Helmstead Farm, photo courtesy of Helmstead.

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