Welcome to Sinai Thunder, home of AGS and ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. I'm very honored that you're here, spending a few minutes of your time.

First and foremost, it is a privilege to be able to share with you the joys we've had with our goats and more importantly, to give ALL the glory to the Lord for making everything possible. It is only because of His blessings that we have anything, and it has always been my intention that Sinai Thunder is His farm. We are simply stewards. 

In that mission, you'll find us in the midst of one of three phases. Both individually and as a whole:

1) The Lord will bring us the animals as well as the buyers.

2) Every animal is given the best in care, which will, in turn allow them to reach their highest potential.

3) Once that's been accomplished, we strive to make available a particular animal that fits the right owner---so as to bless them and their herd as those lines have blessed ours. 

We live on a 20 acre farm surrounded by a wide creek and nestled amongst bluffs, woods, and meadows. It is home to our family, the goats, chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, and finally, a teacup pig (that isn't). We love Nigerians because they are so friendly and easy to handle--even for the GRANDkids. In spite of their small size, Nigerians are noted for their high quality milk which is rich in Butter Fat---not only being nutritious, but highly coveted for making the most delicious cheese, yogurt, and Kefir.

As stated, our goal is to love and raise goats while improving both conformation and dairy production. One of the best goat books I have ("The Illustrated Standard of the Dairy Goat" by Nancy Lee Owen), states in the Introduction, "There is no separate 'show' or 'milk' type". When the judging guides are used accurately, the best 'show' type is the best 'milk' type. For correct confirmation is the ideal combination of dairiyness and strength. Correct conformation enables a doe to produce offspring and large quantities of milk, more economically, with less strain, for a longer time."

Being raised in Kentucky--and growing up with the extremely high standards of the Thoroughbred Industry, we are dedicated to provide the best in animal husbandry and care. All of the goats have access to good pasture with plenty of forage, as well as given high quality local mixed-grass and/or Alfalfa hay. In addition, they are fed ADM Alliance Nutrition Feed, Chaffhaye, and always have loose minerals (combined with organic Thorvin Kelp) available at all times. Our herd is tested on an annual basis (and found Negative) for CL, CAE, and Johnes.

Finally, our farm's name came from Psalms 81:7--"You cried to Me and I saved you; I answered you from Mt Sinai, where the thunder hides." The King James says, "in the secret place of thunder" and both translations really intrigued me. It is interesting to note when 'thunder' is mentioned in the scriptures, some people said it was "noise of a storm" they heard--but others recognized it as the voice of God speaking. In the same way, our foundational verse (on the home page), many were frightened at sound and sight of God's Presence, however "that" was the very thing that caused Moses to draw near. God's Voice is what our farm is named after. His Presence and His is what we live for.

Below this section is a running summary of how the Lord has blessed us over the past few years.

Please feel free to contact me for more details.


In addition to the current updates (2016-2018---located on our HOME page), we are so very blessed and most honored to announce:


The ADGA Elite Doe list came out and we now have 2 additional does with 95% Production Evaluation:

SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90
SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah *M 2*DAR E91.3
(whose daughter "Frona" was also awarded her SG below)

We had two more home-breds awarded Superior Genetics:

SG Sinai Thunder V Saphronia Day 2*M 3*DAR EEEE92

SG Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M 2*DAR VEEV89

The summer ADGA Linear Appraisal was a huge blessing:

SG Sinai Thunder V Saphronia Day 3*M 2*DAR EEEE92

SG Little Tots Estate Allamanda 3*M *DAR EEEE91

GCH Woodbridge Farm Peridot 3*M 3*DAR EEEE91

SGCH Olson Acres Vdoo Priestess 2*M 2*DAR EEEE91

AR CapraKoza LLSurprised by Joy 7*M 7*DAR EEEE89 (FF)

AR Sinai Thunder AG Lizzie Bell 2*M 2*DAR VEEE90

SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90

*B Sinai Thunder ASH Hyssop Dip *S EEV90

*B Little Tots Estate Bellissimo VEE89

We just completed our Spring AGS Classification and are beyond humbled to introduce:
SG Little Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M *DAR E91.3 (Dam of Saphronia EEEE92---above)

SinaiThunder ASH Serendipity 2*M 2*D VG88.8, and our yearling buck, Cedar View Olivero *S VG88.5.

We were blessed that one of our does (AR Rosasharn BT Good-n-Plenty 6*M 6*DAR) gave birth to healthy SEPTUPLETS.

We haven't officially heard back from Guiness Book of World Records, but we think it will hold the RECORD!!!!

We had 2 additional does milk over 1000# in their lactations (making a total of 13 of our does in the 1000#+ Club)               

(Six of whom have done so multiple times)

Our herd was tested (September 2016) and is Johnes, CL and CAE free.


ADGA Linear Appraisal was a blessing and we're so thrilled to introduce: 

SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity *M *DAR EEEV90 and her daughter, AR Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M 2*DAR VEEV89

We also had three additional does who were awarded their Superior Genetics (SG) designation:
SG Little Tots Estate Nahar *M *DAR VEVV88, SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity *M *DAR EEEV90,                                    & SG Sinai Thunder AG Honor 2*M 2*DAR, our 1st home-bred (& another Charity daughter). 

We are also very honored to announce Charity was awarded ADGA ELITE Doe, meaning her Production Evaluation (PE) was in the top 95% of the nation. We had 3 does who were in the top 90%+, Tiqvah (94%), Salvation, & Honor. We are VERY grateful, since both were 92%, home-breds, and First Fresheners (by Augustine).

 We had 3 additional does milk over 1000# in their lactations (making a total of 11 of our does in the 1000#+ Club)                  (Five of whom have done so multiple times)

We are very humbled to have had the privilege of being entrusted with the nine lovely does from CapraKoza Farm's herd dispersal, and are super excited for the kidding, DHI, & LA with their Foundation Does. 



***The 2014 ANDDA Total Performer Doe: SGCH/ARMCH/PGCH Lost Valley TB Dipp'n Dots 1*M 1*D VEEE90

***The 2014 ANDDA All-American Yearling: Sinai Thunder AG Lizzie Bell (whose dam AR CapraKoza Schokolade *M *DAR VEEV88 won ANDDA 3yr old--2013)

***Our oldest sire has earned his "AR-Herd Sire" status:  +*B Olson Acres RC Augustine +*S

***The 2014 AGS National Top 10 1Day Awards:

BREED LEADER for Production: AR Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M *DAR VEEV89 (milked a record setting 8.1# on Test Day & completed her 305 with 1375#)

BREED LEADER for Protein (3rd year in a row): AR CapraKoza AG CousCous 1*M *DAR

We had 5 does who made AGS National Top 10 in 305 Day Production Awards & we were most blessed that 21 were Top 10 of the 1 Day Test Awards

***Our top milker is AR Kaapio Acres HH Redemption 1*M *DAR VEEV89 with 1375#.
We had 4 additional does who will milk over 1000# in their lactations (making a total of 8 does in the 1000#+ club)
17 of our does have milked at least 4# as a High on their Milk Test Day (6 of which have earned the 5#+ Club)

*** Linear Appraisal & SG Awards:

3 of our does were designated with SG (Superior Genetics) AwardsWe had 3 Does appraise at 90, several more at 88 or 89. We also had 15 that were awared an 'E' in Dairy Strength or Mammary (or both) which, to our program, are the weightier of the categories

Our herd was tested in late December (and found Negative) for CL, CAE, and Johnes.


AR CapraKoza TT Schokolade 1*M *DAR won 2013 ANDDA ALL AMERICAN 3 YO Doe
We had 4 does to qualify for National Top 10 in 305 Day Testing in AGS, ADGA or both,

and all but 2 of our entire milking herd were in the AGS National Top 10 1 Day Test... including 2 that were BREED LEADERS
Congratulations to: AR CapraKoza AG CousCous 1*M *DAR & AR CapraKoza SG Silent Night 7*M 7*DAR

(who also was awarded the Longest days in milk---504 days)
We had 5 does milk over 1000# for their lactation (& 2 additional does that were just shy of the 1000# goal)
Our highest milker is AR Cornerstone Farm MM Charity 1*M *DAR who milked 1130# in 305 days

Finally, we had 2 does that took GCH's and 1 went BIS (in our only show) Cornerstone Farm MM Charity & CapraKoza Schokolade
It was an awesome year and we give ALL the glory to the Lord Jesus.

Our herd is tested  (and found Negative) for CL, CAE, and Johnes.

2012 Sue Rucker JuJu Award Winners:

Six of our does won the JuJu Bronze. To qualify, the doe had to produce a minimum of 37.5 lbs of Butter Fat. Ours ranged from 39 lbs to 44 lbs and four of the does were First Fresheners!!! 
2012 National AGS 1 Day Test results:
Our does were awarded #1 Doe in the Nation in 3 out of 4 categories: 
Overall score, Butter Fat, & Protein. We placed 2nd in Production.
In fact, eight of our does placed in the National Top 10, most in multiple categories.

In addition, every doe tested earned their AR status as well as their milking stars. 

We are more than honored and so very grateful to the Lord and the many people He's placed in our path. Thank you.