AR Sinai Thunder Breath of Heaven 2*M 2DAR VEEE90 E93.2

DOB: 5/8/13 (Quad)     (polled)      Height: 20 3/4"

Sire: CapraKoza TR Tevye +*B +*S (CH Lost Valley JL Tradition *S *B x GCH Pecan Hollow Black-eyed Susie *M 2*DAR)

Dam: SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity *M *DAR EEEV90, ADGA Elite Doe (95% PE), 3xGCH 1xBIS, ADGA & AGS Nat'l Top 10 305 & 1Day Test (multiple times), 1100#+ Milker, Dam of three SG, Top 10, or Breed Leading daughters.

2017 AGS Nat'l Top 10 1Day: Production, 3rd place (6.2#) Milk Test High: 6.2#, 305 Day total: 1209#

I was so excited for Heaven's 2nd Freshening---as that's when the Tevye daughters come into their own. In fact, Heaven seems to have an udder very similar to her Gdam, Susie (now retired)---who was one of my most favorite does to milk. Susie had one of the nicest udders in our herd. (Hence the reason we purchased Tevye). Heaven ranked 3rd in AGS Nat'l Top 10 in Production (her 1/2 sister, Patience earning #1), and 10th in Protein. She milked 1209# as a 2nd Freshener. Her total for 2 freshenings is 2347#, 175#BF, 104# Protein.

Heaven---a very lovely First Freshener, but because of a tattoo malfunction was unable to be appraised in 2016. When we received word that ADGA had received our proof of application & payment for 2017 LA but "Somehow it didn't get processed" my heart sank---as she had freshened with quads (milking 6.2# on her 1st Test). Fortunately, we had also applied for Classification w AGS. The appraiser (also a past judge for the ADGA Nationals) loved her. When Heaven scored a 93.2---we were floored. He even checked his addition 3 more times, explaining he had never given any goat (of any breed) that high of score. We are so thankful and still shocked/humbled to have such a lovely doe in our herd.

Below: L-R Heaven during Classification, udder still filling (4 hrs before Classification), Dam (Charity) rear, Paternal Gdam (Susie) rear. 

Heaven updated milk 2017.jpg
Heaven Kidding.jpg