AR CapraKoza SG Guns n' Roses *M *DAR VEEE90

DOB :  3/23/10 (Quad)       Height: 20 3/4"
Sire :  CH/PGCH Brush Creek Smokin' Gun +S +B
Dam :  Fall Creek Rambling Rose

Registered AGS, ADGA & NDGA


2016 AGS National Top 10 305 Day Test (all 3 categories) 

2012, 2013, 2014, 2106 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Test (in 3 categories)
5.9# High on Milk Test Day

Milked 1100#+ in 305 Days (pending)
ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker SILVER JuJu Award (64#), 2014 GOLD (71#)
As a First Freshener:
2012 AGS National Top Ten 1 Day Milk Test: #2 in Protein
2012 AGS National Top Ten 1 Day Test: #7 in Butterfat
ANDDA 2012 Sue Rucker Bronze JuJu Award for Butterfat (44#)

       Rose is a beautiful combination of power and dairyness, with an outstanding pedigree. She has National Champions and National Champion producers on BOTH sides; as well as the stellar, record holding BREED LEADERS in the National 305 Day Testing. True to her genetics, Rose was appraised in 2014 and received a VEEE90 having one of the highest rear udders and strongest medials in our herd. Needless to say, Rose can really milk. Her compilation highs from Test Days are 5.9#, 9.4% BF and 5.5% Protein----coming from a wonderful udder, attachments, capacious and very nice plumb teats. (A definite "plus" for those of us with bigger hands).   

Above photo taken 8 hr fill--2015, bottom taken 10 hr fill-2014

         Rose has been the "almost" 1000# doe for two years. She contracted a mild, short illness toward the end of her 2nd lactation (causing her to dry off---literally, over night) and then one of her babies got to her in the PM part of her 1st test of her 2014 lactation. Despite changing the outcome of what easily would have been her best Test to date, Rose still ranked in the AGS National 1 Day Awards for the 3rd year in a row as well as earning the JuJu GOLD for 70# of ButterFat.  Finally, in 2016 Rose completed her 4th lactation with 1124# earning her ranking in AGS Top 10 305 Day for all 3 categories!!! In addition, Rose also earned Top 10 for 1Day Test---which has been repeated each year she lactated since 2012 as a FF. 
        One of the most rewarding aspects of our program is watching the daughters of our does excel. Rose's first daughter (Rose of Sharon) has not only followed her mama as a beautiful doe, she easily earned her milking stars and AR status. Ironically, she also ended up 2nd in the nation of AGS 1 Day Testing, beating Rose who was 4th. Not to be outdone, they traded places in 2016-- but it was in the Top 10 of the 305 Test (a weightier accomplishment) that Rosie ranked behind her mother---all of which attests to Rose's ability to pass on her quality milking genetics. 
     All things considered, Rose has earned the place of being one of our foundation does and we are MOST blessed to have her. Once again, we're very, very thankful to the Rudolph family.

Rose's Progeny:
(L-R) AR Sinai Thunder A Rose of Sharon 2*M 2*DAR, ST Midnight Rose (deceased), Bethlehem Rose, Guns A-Smokin *S *B,   PeaceMaker *S *B