Helmstead Minis GB Virtue 3*M 3*D *DD VEVE89

DOB: 8/6/13 (single)   height:20"

Sire: SG +*B Rosasharn MR General +*S, +DAR VVE89

Dam: SG Sinai Thunder AG Patience 2*M 2*DAR VEEV89 2x JrGCH, AGS Nat'l Top 10 Doe, 6.8# AGS Breed Leader & Record Holder for Overall Score

I saw this pretty girl at a show when she was a baby. Her dam, Patience, had gone to Kate's farm for a little over a year. When I asked (begged) for Patience back, Kate was more than gracious bc she had Virtue to keep.

Patience is a daughter of one of our favorite (& Foundation) Does, SG Charity--ADGA Elite, 3x GCH, 1x BIS, Top 10 AGS & ADGA multiple years, multiple categories. Patience's litter sister is also SG, 1000#+ milker, Top 10,  and their 1/2 sister Heaven recently classified w 93.2E, one of the top scores for a Nigerian in the country. 

Virtue's sire is a buck that Kate had waited (and waited) for--a long time. His first two kids born at Helmstead were Virtue & Melee--both of whom are now here (along with Maiden & Emblem). Tragically, General passed away within a year---a horrible kick-in-the-gut for Kate, as well as the industry as a whole.

virtue rear19.jpeg
virtue sidejpeg.jpeg

Understandably we are thrilled (and VERY grateful) to have a few General daughters as he is not only an SG buck, but also a +*S +*B, whose daughters are SG, SGCH, and/or LA's90 and above. Both his sons & daughters have produced Top 10 in ADGA & AGS, (including Breed Leaders in both registries), SG's & SGCH's with multiple Best Udder wins.

On Virtue's first Milk Test in her 2018 lactation, she milked 6.2# with 8.2% BF and if I can get her website updated, she milked 1250# her 2018 lactation. Her PE% is continually rising, so our hopes that she will make her Superior Genetics.

Pix below L-R: 1st two are milk test day 2018, next row: 2017 Classification, Virtue as a yearling, photo courtesy of Kate Helms. last two are first litter born at Helmstead Farm, photo courtesy of Helmstead.

Virtue rear18.jpg
Virtue Rear.jpg
Photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis

Photo courtesy of Helmstead Minis

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