PGCH Pecan Hollow Black-eyed Susie *M 2*DAR

DOB: 9/7/07 (Triplet)    Polled  Height: 

Sire: Pecan Hollow PS TennesseeWaltz *S
Dam: MCH Pecan Hollow LH Bluebonnett *D

4x Grand Champion Sr Doe, 4x Rsv Champion, 1x Best in Show

AGS National Top 10 1Day Milk Test 2012, 2013--multiple categories

4# High on Test Day

ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker Bronze Juju Award

Susie is just a fabulous doe and we are so blessed to have her in our herd.  A structurally sound, angular doe; Susie is very dairy with loose, pliable skin. She has a great udder and one of my most favorites to milk. Its one of the qualities we've noticed about the Susie daughters (and Granddaughters). Besides being quick to milk out, they have "glued on" attachments, and an excellent wide extension of fore udder. Her teats are wonderful and easy to milk. 
When our Tevye daughters first freshened we almost panicked bc although their udders were structurally correct and socked on, they weren't very capacious. But, I happened to run across a picture of Susie's FF udder---wow---it was just like her granddaughters. So, we held out. Their 2nd F udders were totally what we were hoping for. In fact, one of Tev's 2nd F daughters classified (Spring 2017) with an E-93.2. The only time the AGS Classifier (also a National Judge for ADGA) has ever awarded any goat with that high of score---giving her 93 (Fore), 91 (Rear), 94 (Support), 95 (Balance, Quality, Texture).

Another Susie son, Winged Watchman is the sire of GCH Cori's Fancy WW Damiana 3*M EEEE91 and Daniella whose the dam of SGCH Cedar View of Heleena 4*M EEEE91. 


Photo's above: Susie 4YO side & rear udder, Dam: MCH Pecan Hollow LH Bluebonnet *D 5x GCH, 5x Best Udder, AGS  Top Ten Milk Awards, Gdam:ARMCH/PGCH LIttle Rascals Dance for Joy *D 7x GCH, 5x Best Udder, GGdam:MCH/CH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia *4D 'E', 2002 AGS National CH Doe, Best Udder, & Best Doe in Show (photos courtesy of CapraKoza, Pecan Hollow, Twin Creeks) Last 3 pix, bottom row: AGS Top10's: CapraKoza SG Black Smoke 2*M 3*DAR, Imperial Topaz 2*M 3*DAR, TR Tevye *S *B