AR Sinai Thunder ASH Hope Eternal 3*M 2*DAR

DOB: 6-4-14

Sire: +*B Sinai Thunder AG Asher +*S  

Dam: SG Litte Tots Estate ST Tiqvah 2*M *DAR 91.3Ex ADGA Elite Doe 2016, 1190#

Ettie is one of my babies---and maybe one of the sweetest, low-key, does we have. She is a very feminine, but also a very strong (power) doe. She's a blend of both her dam and sire.

 Ettie has such an amazing pedigree, I adore her dam in every aspect. Tiqvah has exceeded any expectation---classifying w 91.3E, making ADGA Elite, and every time she's been on test, Tiqvah has milked over 1000# (her high 1190). Her first litter, ended up with 2 bucks who made +*B +*S w their FF daughters---w Angus' first crop having 3 in the Top 10, and 2 miking over 1000#. Their sister (Frona) has earned her SG Title and was LA'd w EEEE92. 
Ettie's sire is a litter brother to 2 SG does who both milked over 1000#. Patience recently ranked the #1 doe in two categories: AGS National Breed Leader in Production (6.2#) and Overall Score, where she set the record of 121.73. Patience is also AGS/ADGA Top 10 with her 2017 lactation of 1250# & 105#BF. Asher's half sister, Heaven (also Top 10, 1210# Milker) scored 93.2E (the highest any Nigerian has classified). Their dam, another foundation doe, Charity LA'd90, 1100# milker, Top 10 ADGA/AGS, also was an SG/Elite Doe for ADGA.

Below (L-R): Ettie as FF, and her daughter O Eternal Bliss as a yearling.

Ettie Pedigree.jpg