AR Sinai Thunder A Queen of Sheba 2*M 2*DAR

                        photo taken as a dry yearling 2015

                      photo taken as a dry yearling 2015

Sire: ++B Olson Acres RC Augustine ++S AR/HS

Dam: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe 2016. ADGA & AGS Top 10 305 & 1Day Test, Breed Leader & Record Setting Overall Score, Production.

DOB: 2/8/14 (Quint) 

This year has been one with the greatest JOYS and, ultimately sorrows. We were so excited that we would have three of Red's daughters in milk, and on test. We were ecstatic that all three easily earned their Milk Stars & AR Status. But in the Spring, Sheba, tragically, went to Heaven, leaving us a beautiful daughter (Falasha) and a gaping hole in our hearts.

On the milk-stand, Sheba was spectacular. In 133 days, Sheba milked 579# & 40# Butter Fat, with 4.1# as her Milk Test High, and had an astounding 93% Production Evaluation.. She had as lovely an udder as her sisters and dam. Sheba was wonderful to milk with great attachments, was a fabulous mama, and has a very sweet & willing disposition. Plus she had those gorgeous baby-blues. You will be very, very missed, baby girl. 

Duchess, Faith, Sheba Clone 2017 pedigree.png