AR Sinai Thunder Breath of Heaven 2*M 2DAR E93.2

DOB: 5/8/13 (Quad)     (polled)      Height: 20 3/4"

Sire: CapraKoza TR Tevye +*B +*S (CH Lost Valley JL Tradition *S *B x GCH Pecan Hollow Black-eyed Susie *M 2*DAR)

Dam: SG Cornerstone Farm MM Charity *M *DAR EEEV90, ADGA Elite Doe (95% PE), 3xGCH 1xBIS, ADGA & AGS Nat'l Top 10 305 & 1Day Test (multiple times), 1100#+ Milker, Dam of two SG, Top 10 daughters.

I was so excited for Heaven's 2nd Freshening---as that's when the Tevye daughters come into their own. In fact, Heaven seems to have an udder very similar to her Gdam, Susie (now retired)---who was one of my most favorite does to milk. Susie had one of the nicest udders in our herd. (Hence the reason we purchased Tevye). 

Heaven---a very lovely First Freshener, but because of a tattoo malfunction was unable to be appraised in 2016. When we received word that ADGA had received our proof of application & payment for 2017 LA but "Somehow it didn't get processed" my heart sank---as she had freshened with quads (milking 6.2# on her 1st Test). Fortunately, we had also applied for Classification w AGS. The appraiser (also a past judge for the ADGA Nationals) loved her. When Heaven scored a 93.2---we were floored. He even checked his addition 3 more times, explaining he had never given any goat (of any breed) that high of score. We are so thankful and still shocked/humbled to have such a lovely doe in our herd.