SG Sinai Thunder O Halley's Comet 3*M 3*DAR  VEVE88

Hayley, before PM Milk Test. 7/10/18

Hayley, before PM Milk Test. 7/10/18

SG Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S VEV88 ADGA Elite Buck 96%PE (as a Freshman Sire) Sire of 5 ADGA Elite, 7 Superior Genetics, & 7 daughters who milked 1000#+ as FF's. Oliver's dam is SGCH Isabella EEEE91, ADGA Elite, Breed Leader, 1400# Milker and 2 SG, Elite progeny.

SG Sinai Thunder Comet 2*M 2*DAR V  VEEV88, ADGA Elite, ADGA & AGS Top 10 Milker, 6.2# MilkTest High, 1456# in 305 Days (1211# as FF, 95%PE), Dam of SG Daughter.

“Hayley” is the Granddaughter of one of our very first does Star (aka Kowkab—-which is Star in Hebrew). It’s a line that has become one of our most consistent. Star (now retired) is the perfect example of how a great Brood-doe can impact an entire pedigree. Each of Star’s daughters are quite an improvement, not only in appearance & LAs, but also in Milk Production, etc. Three have milked over 1100# each, 2 have become SG and Elite Does, including Hayley’s dam, Comet (who just completed her 2nd lactation, milking 1456# & 6.2# for her Milk Test High). As you can see on her chart below, Haley’s first milk test produced 5.1#!!! She’s lovely to milk, fabulous quality of udder—-with wonderful lateral attachments, which aren’t as evident in the picture below—-but by golly, her being lopsided is plain as day.

Like Star, Comet improves on her babies. Hayley is even prettier than her dam and had a First Freshening score of VEVE88 in one of the toughest, most erratic (in scoring), & mystifying appraisal I’ve ever witnessed. In just one of the many inconsistencies, Hayley’s Rump score was 20, which is just plain incorrect, as she has a lovely wide rump—as do most of our older does (since its a quality we breed for). Recalling one (of many) examples is Surprise, whose previous LA Rump score was 47 and in the 2018 LA, it was nearly in half (scoring 26). Apparently Comet’s hip structure also magically shrunk—-going from 36 to 21, etc. You get the idea—and if you’re like me, using the LAs is a valuable tool for studying improvements & consistency in various lines. Thus the dependability is now in question, and the inconsistent scoring becomes a major obstacle.
Regardless—-Hayley is a beautiful doe and we are most blessed and grateful to Rusty & Lucy Repp for allowing us to buy Star. The Little Tots Estate lines have majorly impacted our herd—-Star, Tiqvah, Allamanda, Bellissimo, and even Oliver (who has a considerable amount of LTE in his pedigree) have become part of our Foundation program. Thank you.

Pictured below (L-R) Hayley as a yearling (2017), first milk test (12 hr fill), Linear Appraisal (7/18), & Hayley with her babies.

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