AR Helmstead Minis TM Fergie 2*M 2*DAR VEV+87

DOB :  5/15/10 (Single)      Height: 21"
Sire :  Thunderhill A Merlot
Dam :  Little Tot's Estate Kirby 1*M 2*D *DD

                            Blue eyes

2012 2014 AGS National Top 10 1Day Milk Test (in 3 categories)
2014 AGS National Top 10 305 Day Test
4.9# High on Test Day, Milked 1060# in 305 Days
ANDDA 2013, 2014 Sue Rucker Silver JuJu Award

     As you can see, this doe came from our dear, dear friends Kate and Ben Helms, who named her Fergie. However, around our farm, she's called Forgiveness....mainly because she needs it---almost on a daily basis. Especially her first year on the Milk Stand, taking extreme delight in catching the milker (usually me) off guard. She would step into, kick, or knock over the milk, then give you a look of complete innocence with those sweet baby blues. Afterward, she would jump off the stand and immediately want to snuggle. A sort of acceptable apology to her way of thinking---and it worked, of course.
     Forgiveness has one of the most colorful and lovable personalities of our herd. If there's a gate/door that can be opened, if the goats are loose, if they are anywhere they aren't supposed to be...just look for Forgiveness. She not only has the knack to open just about any unlocked barrier---she feels its her sole calling to rally the troops and take them on a fun little Field Trip. They don't go far...usually just around to the front of the barn---pruning/trimming as many of the fruit or pine trees as they can---before being discovered.   

     Because Forgiveness is one of our most loving does & thrives under attention, she was most pleased that the Appraiser doted over her. Thus, she responded accordingly. He awarded her with a VEV+ 87---While I don't particularly agree with the last score, (reflecting a need for a stronger medial)---it doesn't really concern me since her daughter freshened with an excellent MSL. However the appraiser was very impressed with her dairy strength and commented on how refined and very feminine she was. He even gave her an E for her head, which of course, she loved. Forgiveness is super dairy and one of my all time favorites to milk. She has wonderful texture, long teat length, very capacious, and just delightful milkability. In 2013, she came close to the 1000# mark, almost doubling her production from her first year on DHI....and also put her in the AGS National Top 10 in production. In 2014, I am so blessed to announce that not only did Fergie join the 1000# Club (1060# in 305 Days), but her dam, Kirby was awarded her Milk Stars which bumped all Kirby's daughters to 2*M/2*D does. Its an awesome program. In addition, Fergie not only made the AGS Top 10 in 3 of 4 categories for 1 Day Test, but she also was in the Top 10 in their 305 Day Production Awards. Very impressive doe and Dam line as Kirby had two daughters and 1 Gr-daughter make it in 2014 AGS Top 10!!! In true "Forgiveness" style, she JUST missed the JuJu GOLD by a half of pound (67# vs 67.5#). A repeat performance from 2012 where she was the same amount (.5#) shy of the Bronze. Gotta love this doe! A most sincere thanks go to Ben and Kate...from the bottom of our hearts. Fergie is one of our biggest blessings.