Sinai Thunder Benneditto *B +S


DOB: 11/21/15    (Quad)       Height: 22 1/2"

Sire: Little Tots Estate Bellissimo *B +S VEE89,  1xJrGCH

Dam: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe

Benny's dam (Red) has been in ADGA/AGS Top 10 multiple times, Breed Leader 3 different years, and holds the record for 1Day high of 8.1#. Red's current lactation (her 5th freshening) has resulted in 6000# for lifetime. Pretty impressive genetics to pass on, and it looks like Bella's the daughter who will carry it on. 

Benny's sire (Bellissimo) has a pedigree that is the Whose Who of Little Tots Estate. There are Finished Champion or LA scores of 90+ (or both) in almost the entire pedigree. She is actually line-bred CH Hot Habanero, whose litter sister (CH/MCH Cholula) is EEEE91 and the dam of CH/VEVE89 daughter. Habanero is the sire of MANY Finished CH's, LA's of 90+, SG/Elite, and producers of Finished CHs.

Belly's sisters (half & full) have done wonderfully both in LA & Milk Testing. Duchess, as a FF LA'd an 88 and had a PE over 90%. Currently on her 2nd lactation, Duchess is honing in on 1000#. Sheba (who tragically passed away as a FF) also earned her Milk Stars, AR, and her PE was 92% at the time of passing. Bella (Benny's litter sister) has a PE of 94% (just 1 point shy of being an Elite Doe), and is projected to go over 1000# as a FF. Currently she's at 600# with more than half of her 305 day test to go.  Faith should also cross the 1000# mark this lactation. Two of Benny's half brothers should soon be +*B +*S sires. All of which points to a VERY Dairy young buck. 
The only sibling shown (once)---Love Letters---won JrGCH, as did his sire (Bellissimo). Both Belli and Red LA'd well, Red (90), Belli (89) and come from families who are still VERY successful in the show ring, as well as Linear Appraisal.

Grace & Bella pedigree .png