Sinai Thunder Bella Riscatta 2*M 2*D

DOB: 11/21/15    (Quad)       Height: 21 1/2"

Sire: Little Tots Estate Bellissimo *B +S VEE89,  1xGCH

Dam: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe

Bella is another of our lovely Red daughters whose dairy genetics are following in her mother's footsteps. In her most recent Test, Bella milked 4#, being just 130 days on test, and 600# thus far. With well over half of her 305 to go, Bella looks to surpass the 1000# mark, Lord willing---an amazing feat for a FF. 

Bella's dam, Red has been in ADGA/AGS Top 10 multiple times, Breed Leader 3 different years, and holds the record for 1Day high of 8.1#. Red's current lactation (her 5th freshening) has resulted in 6000# for lifetime. Pretty impressive genetics to pass on, and it looks like Bella's the daughter who will carry it on. 

Bella's sire, Bellissimo has a pedigree that is the Whose Who of Little Tots Estate. There are Finished Champion or LA scores of 90+ (or both) in almost the entire pedigree. She is actually line-bred CH Hot Habanero, whose litter sister (CH/MCH Cholula) is EEEE91 and the dam of CH/VEVE89 daughter. Habanero is the sire of MANY Finished CH's, LA's of 90+, SG/Elite, and producers of Finished CHs.

Milk & LA Notes:
Bella is currently on Test (2017) as a FF. Her Milk Test high is 5.6#. Her PE ranking is 94%---which is just shy of Elite Doe. Due to a computer glitch in ADGA processing of our LA permit (a total surprise, I realize), we were skipped over for 2017. Hopefully, that doesn't happen next year, and we can get our herd appraised---which will allow our FF's eligible for SG/Elite programs. 

Grace & Bella pedigree .png
Bella's kidding .png