Sinai Thunder O Atonement 2*M 2*D “Toni”

Toni’s first Milk Test an hour before evening milk out. Total for the day (and Milk Test High) 4.3#

Toni’s first Milk Test an hour before evening milk out. Total for the day (and Milk Test High) 4.3#

DOB: 2/28/17   (Quad)        Height: 20”

Sire: Cedar View Olivero +*B +*S (CedarView Josephus [GCH JNels L Cappuccino +*B EEE91 x SG Little Tots Estate Syeira 4*M EEEE91] x SGCH Cedar View Isabella 4*M EEEE91, ADGA Elite Doe (99% PE), ANDDA Total Performer Doe, 2015 Platinum Doe)

Dam: SG Kaapio Acres HH Redemption *M *DAR VEEE90, ADGA Elite Doe 2016. ADGA & AGS Top 10 305 & 1Day Test, Breed Leader & Record Setting Overall Score, Production.

Milk Test High as a FF: 4.3#

Toni (and her sister, Myra aka MyRedeemer Lives) are very special does to us—-in many ways. Not only are they both beautiful and have the same sweet personality as their dam (Redemption), but they both seem to have the same milking capacity—-and an even better udders. In addition, both does have produced gorgeous litters. We are most thankful.

Although there won’t be another doe like Red, both Myra & Toni have her sweet spirit and beauty. Toni recently had her first Milk Test and proved her mother proud…milking 4.3#, while Myra’s first Milk Test was 4.5#. Because we also do a 1Day test for all our FFs, each sister earned her Milk Stars in both registries. It’s always commendable, anytime a doe milks over four pounds, but especially so when its a First Freshener. The exciting part is both daughters not only have Red’s capacity, but their udders are improved with longer, very milkable teats, lovely medial, height and although you can’t tell in the above photo, very nice lateral attachments. We are so very blessed to have our two Red and Oliver daughters, Myra & Toni, as well as their brother Exodus—-whose (very pretty) babies started arriving the Fall of 2018. The 4th sibling (O Blessed Redeemer—-aka Jane—-now lives with our dear friend Jessica Mather at Southern Grace Nigerian Goats)

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