AR Helmstead Minis FF Fiamma 2*M 2*DAR 2*DD

DOB: 10/2/11  (Twin)          Height: 20 7/8"

Sire: MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S +B +DS 89.3VG

Dam: Olde  South Blue Bella *M *D *DD 1xGCH, 3x RsGCH  2nd Place BF 2015 AGS National Top 10 Test (14.4%)

2x GCH in ADGA

2015 AGS National Top 10 1Day Test---placing 5th in both Overall Score 76.59 and ButterFat 12.5%

Milk Test High 4.4#

We were blessed to have Fia join our herd when our dear friends Kate & Ben Helms decided to focus their lives on family while their kids (human) were growing up.

Pictured above is Fia at the 2017 AGS Classification and you can see what a gorgeous doe she is. Because she was dry, her score is "unofficial" but Fia scored 90's in her Style, Upstandingness, Length of Bone, Femininity & both fore/rear legs. Its pretty obvious to see how she only has one GCH left to be a Finished Champion.

Fia was bred to Oliver in the late Spring of 2017, so we are praying for healthy, pretty babies in the Fall. We are so very excited to see how she freshens and looking forward to getting her on DHI. As you can see above, Fia (and her Dam, Bella--udder pic below) score VERY well in ButterFat, both in the Top 5 of the nation, when Kate blew everyone out of the water with a paternal half sister to Fia---scoring a record setting 15.1%~!!!!!

Because our heart is to always honor the great impact that Helmstead has made in this industry, here is Kate's description: "Fia is a wonderful doe in our herd.  As you may expect with her sire and dam, she's put together beautifully and catches the judge's attention every time she's in the ring.  She's a very easy keeper, too. Fia's udder is easy to milk and capacious.  As a three year old she produced nearly 4 lbs a day throughout her lactation with exceptionally high butterfat, earning her a spot on the Top Ten list through AGS.  She kids easily and produces lovely, correct offspring. Fia's personality is noteworthy.  She is just as sweet as honey, wants to be with you and share space.  It's very endearing."