Sinai Thunder Adoration 4*M 2*DAR E+EE89


DOB:    11/19/15   (Triplet)  Height: 20"
Sire:    Sinai Thunder V Agnus Dei +*S +*B
Dam:   SG Little Tot's Estate Allamanda 3*M*DAR EEEE91

Allamanda is one of those does you just fall in love with---and one of the best milkers we have. Thankfully, we have been blessed to retain a daughter from every kidding (one of whom has earned her Superior Genetics). When Ally went into labor (w Addy), there were complications & a rushed trip to the Vet. We were so grateful to have live births and a healthy doe.

As you can see, Addy is the spitting image of her dam (just a bit darker) and has the same sweetheart personality. Addy's sire has recently earned his +* Status on his first crop. The dam of Angus is also one of our favorite does. Tiqvah is SG, Elite, and just like Ally, she's been Top 10 ADGA & AGS, multiple years and categories. So we have high hopes for this pairing. We feel so very blessed to have Addy. She was bred to Oliver for a Fall 2016 kidding and we're really excited. Addy is, literally, most adored.

Pictured below are Addy's half sisters, L-R: SG Sinai Thunder AG Salvation 4*M 2*DAR (milked 1000#+ as FF & 2F, PE index 90%), ST AG Miracle 4*M 2*D (deceased), ST Precious Pearl (sold) & Selah (940# as aFF), 

addy revised pedigree.jpg